A few more reasons why you should rely on us
ALESSANDRA MAROSO - FORTUNATO RIGONI managers Let's take a normal work procedure in which there is a designer who comes to us asking for a quote for executing his project. He has his own drawings and simulations which are already in themselves the result of what the customer wants. Aware of this, after we listen to the designer and place our expertise at his disposal, we will together select the best suited materials, colours and finishe
Dacha north of Moscow, history of a job from A to Z
ALEKSEY SOKOLOV - Art Property Group - general manager - Several factors contribute to success in a job like this: a correct estimate; good technical knowledge for the study and the proposal of materials; having the experience to resolve underlying issues in order to not improvise at the construction site and having prepared workers whether they are engineers, technicians, carpenters or fitters. This is why I chose Tempora. "READ MOR
If you want to find something special, you have to look for it in the right place. And the best place is where special objects have been made for hundreds of years, where the history of the products and the soul of the most alive of all materials - wood - are known deep down. This is our habitat, where we can select from a multitude of solutions, propose the most refined types of woods and the most exclusive finishes. Welcome to our special place
Here you can see, choose and touch... Our job is to create furniture on behalf of architects, interior designers and companies. We use their interior design project as our starting point. Decades of work have allowed us to acquire a wealth of knowledge that we use in the relationships with our customers when building custom furniture of any style. The passion dedicated to each project, the efficient organization, a proven working method and a c
We offer a "tailor-made haute couture" service, the expression of a virtuosity always able to interpret all of your ideas and that cannot be found in the large industrial cabinetmaking companies. Whatever the size of your project, we listen to your requests. We always apply the same painstaking procedure, the same care, the same flexibility and the same accuracy so that all of your ideas become quality products. The process to realize your co
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