The Staff

ALESSANDRA MAROSO She is the heart of the company. She always aims at satisfying the customer with her outstanding organisational skills. She expects only the best from the entire team, without ever stooping to compromises.

FORTUNATO RIGONI In view of all of his skills, ranging from computer science and simulative 3D to carpentry and numerical control (NC) machines, all technical aspects pass by him. If we look at the team as a set of gears, Fortunato is its lubricant.

MAURO MAROSO He is the master of finishes, the alchemist ready to make any surface special and impeccable. He has a magical book filled with formulas to give you the colours you want. However, his favourite is red, Ducati red.

ALBERTO PICCOLOTTO He is the first contact you have with the company, and he is always friendly and helpful. Together with him you will define the feasibility aspects and give your projects substance. He will also be the one who will provide you with a complete detailed estimate of the delivery schedule.

DIEGO MARCHETTI He has great technical expertise and enviable leadership skills. Quality control is his habitat. Some people believe he has a special "magnet" for finding problems with the products.

VLADI INGENITO He is a carpenter of tradition, refined and meticulous. He loves his job as much as he loves fishing. If you do not find him devoted to his work, he will certainly be on the banks of the Po river catching catfish.

CARLO BAGGIO Nothing passes by him unnoticed. Before each shipment he always personally checks twice that everything is in order and that nothing is missing. Don't dare disturb him while he is checking the packing list!

MASSIMO MAROSO He is a discreet person who is there without revealing himself. This equilibrium of his allows him to tackle and solve the critical issues of the assemblies at the work site with pragmatism and flexibility. He has a great passion for many different trucks. Give him a nice truck and he would personally make a delivery to the ends of the earth.

ROBERTA MAROSO Roberta is very severe and demands that all procedures be followed to the letter. It is fatal to forget to deliver the end-of-day work report to her!

We share experiences, ideas and friendship!