If you want to find something special, you have to look for it in the right place. And the best place is where special objects have been made for hundreds of years, where the history of the products and the soul of the most alive of all materials - wood - are known deep down. This is our habitat, where we can select from a multitude of solutions, propose the most refined types of woods and the most exclusive finishes. Welcome to our special place. Welcome to our history! 


A company that makes "off-the-shelf" products offers a limited number of options for its models. Tempora, on the other hand, works in the world of "customisation" and offers the designer any version and possibility. It leaves him the pleasure of imagining brand new combinations, and inventing original, elegant and unique solutions. We make prototypes and small series for companies and designers that require our many years of experience to totally guarantee a product design above all standards.


Luxury is neither a subjective principle nor a trivial value. Luxury is the search for stylistic perfection combined with the search and use of the most noble materials. It is mastery down to the finest detail, made to create something unique and one-off.


We build points of sale, exhibition areas and ateliers of leading Italian brands and decorate their offices around the world with furniture that is a "calling card" of style and elegance.


Building furniture for yachts means expressing the best of cabinet-making technology. What is needed to successfully deal with them is a complete knowledge of materials and technologies and the capability of orienting them towards the nautical sector. Tempora knows how to do it.


Our work does not always end up in a private home. It is also carried out in first-class hotels, corporate offices, convention centres, etc. We offer ourselves as a single contractor with first-rate turnkey services starting with design and ending with assembly.


Brands all over! We are where your needs take us. Tempora is a solid company able to manage projects and execution anywhere in the world. You can rely on a staff that works in Italy and abroad with the same incomparable professional standards.